Secular Franciscans Live the Rule

Seeking Examples of the Ways Secular Franciscans Live the Rule


We hope that this site:

  1. Increases the world’s awareness of how Secular Franciscans bring the Gospel to life through living the rule.
  2. Inspires and encourages Secular Franciscans to more fully live the rule they promised to obey when they made their profession.
  3. Provides a place for Secular Franciscans to find ideas new ways in which to live the rule.

Please help us to accomplish these goals. We are looking for examples of the ways Secular Franciscans live the Rule in today’s world. It could be something your fraternity or another fraternity in your region is doing. It could be something you saw on the web or in a fraternity’s newsletter. It could be an idea that your fraternity is considering but hasn’t implemented yet.

Gathering these stories could prove challenging because it’s in our nature as Franciscans to be humble and to not draw attention to the good works we are doing. However, it seems to be crucially important, in our present age, that we take every opportunity we have to share ideas and experience in order to become better at bringing Gods love to the world.

We are going to relate each example we post to specific articles of the rule so feel free to share which you think would be appropriate. You can us this contact form to drop us a line.

Thank you. Pax et bonum.

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